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SunSuHanMaEum - 순수한 마음 - Pure Heart

"Dreams Come True If You Hope, Believe and Never Give Up!"

SunSuHanMaEum - 순수한 마음 - Pure Heart - Yvette
Nice to meet you! ♥(-^___^-)♥

I'm Yvette from Hungary!
I'm phisicaly handdicapped, but i like dancing, singing, drawing and a lot of things to do!
I have a lot of dreams, but the three importanter are these: 1st finishing school, have a job, working and help at home for my family! 2nd becoming an artist (singer or drawer, cuz i like these a lot!!!) and meet with some asian celebrity, like BoA Kwon, Xiah Junsu, Jang Geun Seok..ect. ^///^ and 3rd having a lovely life, with a family, childrens and a handsome prince asian ^///^ :D
If you like to know me more, feel free to ask it in a private message! ^___^